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Synthroid is prescribed for the treatment of hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone). The drug is also prescribed against goiter that could have been developed by hormone imbalances, surgery, radiation treatment or cancer.

How taken

Once Synthroid is prescribed for your condition, you should have to follow the doctor's advice very strictly. Never deviate from what your doctor has asked you to do.

Synthroid has to be taken in empty stomach, about half an hour before having food. The drug is usually taken in the morning. Swallow the tablet with full glass of water. As the drug is known to dissolve quickly, it can sometimes cause choking in the throat.

Even if you see improvement in your conditions, do not stop Synthroid without consulting the doctor. If the drug is stopped in the middle, you may be at a higher risk of the conditions.

Missed dose/overdose

Always make it a point to take Synthroid at the right time. You should not miss any of the doses if you want good results. If by any chance you miss a dosage, take it as soon as you remember it. However, if it is time for your regular tablets, never use the missed dose. You should also not take an extra tablet for the missed dose.

If you think of having taken an overdose of Synthroid, call your doctor immediately. Chest pain, shortness of breath, tremor, pounding heartbeat, confusion, leg cramps, vomiting, seizures and diarrhoea are some o the overdose symptoms that are seen with Synthroid.

More information

The doctor should have to know about all your allergies and also your health problems before he prescribes Synthroid. This will help the doctor to make a proper decision on the prescription to be advised.

Consult with the doctor if you have any specific allergy related to any particular food, drug or substance. You should not hide from the physician if you have coronary artery disease, heart problems, anaemia, diabetes, problems in pituitary/ adrenal glands and a history of blood clots.

If you are diabetic and taking insulin, you should have to discuss with the doctor about taking Synthroid.

Synthroid is rated FDA pregnancy category A, which means that the tablet will not cause any harm to the foetus and also the newborn. Even then you have to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding before he prescribes the drug. Sometimes, the doctor may increase the dosage level during these periods.


Once Synthroid is prescribed, you have to maintain doctor’s appointments and lab tests. The doctor needs to evaluate your kidney, heart, liver and blood problems from time and again.

Side effects

Like all drugs, Synthroid also come with many allergic reactions and side effects. Some of the allergic reactions that are commonly seen with Synthroid include swelling (face, mouth, throat, lips), rashes and breathing difficulty.

Some of the serious side effects that come with Synthroid include fever, headache, sweating, insomnia, irritable feeling, hot flashes, changes in menstrual periods and weight changes. If you come across any of these side effects, do not delay n contacting the doctor.