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What is Vigora?

One can order Vigora online or buy it from a pharmacy. After purchase, Vigora has to be stored in the original box. Before buying in bulk, first check if it is effective. If so, buy in large quantity, as it will work out cheaper. The price depends on the company.

In the UK, Canada, European countries and Australia Vigora can be bought only with a prescription from a medical practitioner. It can not be bought over the counter. This is however not available in the US. Rest you can buy this anywhere in the world. Buying them straight from medical stores and online stores are the options available to you.

The dosage for this has to be decided by your medical practitioner. The tablet is available in 50mg and 100 mg packs. The drug should be taken according to the prescription about an hour before sexual intercourse. The effects will be felt by the user for about four hours. The treatment for this drug must be followed strictly; overdose can cause you permanent damage too. Half an hour after the intake of the dose you can feel its effects. It is because of this quick start and four hour long erection that many people have been buying Vigora.

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